The Dangers of Using Outdated Software

Using our personal computers and other devices have become a routine part of our daily lives.  Unfortunately, many people never take the time to verify that the software powering their device is secured and up to date with the most current version.  This exposes their computer and even the network in which they are connected to lots of potential security threats.  Fortunately, verifying the version of an application or operating system can be as simple as selecting the “Help” or “About” menu within the program itself.  It is even easier if you are using Microsoft Windows as you simply need to right-click “My Computer” and the left-click “Properties” to see which version the computer is using.  This may seem like a trivial task, but it is a step that can potentially save you lots of downtime and money for the low cost of one minute.

Larry Clark
Senior Engineer, GALINNO Technology Solutions