Congratulations to “My Best for Back to School 2015” Participants!

My Best for Back to School Competition Winners: All Participants

GALINNO Technology Solutions is excited to announce this year’s winners for My Best for Back to School 2015 competition.  With this being our first year having this competition, we were truly impressed with the submissions we received from all age groups.  Too frequently we found it impossible to select one letter over another as a winner,  so to our delight, we are happy to announce that all participants are winners in this year’s competition and will have the opportunity to select the $50.00 gift of their choice from, Best Buy or Staples!

Parents and/or guardians will be contacted today via phone and/or email to confirm the student’s award and gift card selection preference.  Although we cannot name each student individually or post all letters, GALINNO would like to thank all students for participating and making this competition a tremendous success.  We hope that students will use this experience to remain encouraged and focused throughout this school year and give all assignments their best effort.  Congratulations again and we cannot wait to speak with each of you very soon.


GALINNO Technology Solutions


My Best for Back to School 2015

 Hello All,

             GALINNO Technology Solutions is happy to announce our first ever: My Best for Back to School 2015, a competition intended to encourage students to give each new school year their absolute best.  Students currently enrolled in the 2nd through 12th grades are asked to submit a one page letter from their appropriate age group below on the subject matter provided for the opportunity to win one of six $50.00 gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy and Staples.  Two winners from each age group will be selected and announced on our website ( at 10:00 AM, September 7, 2015.  It is our goal to use this program to influence students to excel by challenging them to express in writing how a subject matter affects them academically so please feel free to forward this competition to any qualifying student(s).   We are excited to receive your submissions and wish each of you the absolute best!


Grades 2 – 5: Why is technology important?  How is technology used in your school to help you excel and make learning fun?

Grades 6 -8: Why is technology important?  How would you like to see technology used in your school to improve your learning experience?

Grades 9 – 12:  Why is technology important?  How will you use technology in the future academically and professionally?  How would you like to see technology used to improve our world?


  • One page typed (double or single spaced)
  • Must be written and typed by students only.
  • All letters must be post marked by August 31, 2015.
  • Letters must include the students name, school, grade and parent or guardian contact information.

Mailing Address for Letter Submissions

GALINNO Technology Solutions

Attention: My Best for Back to School 2015

10258 Lake Arbor Way

Mitchellville, MD 20721


Submission Deadline

August 31, 2015


Announcement of Winners

10:00 AM September 7, 2015

Computers and Electronics Recycled in April

Electronics for Recycling (April 2015)

Above are our some of our client’s retired computers, electronics and printers that we were able to recycle and keep out of the landfill during the month of April 2015.  Please help us preserve our environment and your personal privacy by recycling your old electronics instead of placing them in the trash.  It may appear to be a simple act but, this added effort will have a tremendous impact.

GALINNO Technology Solutions

Hard Drive Life Expectancy

Storing files on a personal computer or server or external hard drive is a routine habit that receives little if any after thought.  After the data is stored on the computer, in many cases it is not given any additional consideration in regards to its availability or integrity.  The data stored in the computer actually resides on a device known as a hard drive mounted inside the machine.  This device which can be mechanical or memory based has an average life span of three to five years.  For this reason, it is to any user’s benefit to consider storing your information securely in either the could or an external device in addition to the computer for added redundancy.  Because although the average life span of a hard drive is between three to five years, many hard drives will fail well before that period creating a situation that could result in unexpected data loss.

Larry Clark
Senior Engineer, GALINNO Technology Solutions