Application Deployment & Management

Application Deployment & Management – We will handle the installation of the software applications that allow you to be the most productive. Additionally, GALINNO will manage program security and updates to retain reliability

Computer Repair

GALINNO offers computer repair services for all components within your desktop, notebook or tablet computer. A thorough diagnostic is performed on all computers before any repair services are rendered to ensure that the identified problem is resolved properly. Our repair service will replace hard drives, keyboards, memory, motherboards and screens.

Computer & Electronics Recycling

As our dependency on computers and electronic devices continues to increase it is very important that we are cognizant of the dangers that our old devices pose to the environment. Keeping outdated electronics out of landfills is very important and to assist with this task, GALINNO offers a free recycling service to dispose of old electronics in a manner that is safe for the environment. Our recycling service will securely remove all personal data from computers and hard drives ensuring that your personal files are not accessible. Our recycling program accepts batteries, computers, electronics, hard drives, keyboards and printers.

Data Backup & Data Recovery

Our data recovery service offers recovery solutions for computers, external hard drives and USB memory drives. Although there is no guarantee that the data on every hard drive can be recovered, we use our advanced tools to thoroughly examine and in most cases recover the data present on the failed drive or device. Allow us the opportunity to save the information that is most important to you.

Hardware & Software Sales

GALINNO is your source for all communications, computer, electronic and electrical hardware. The hardware we offer includes adapters, cables, components and telecommunications equipment. Whether your requirements are standard components or special order, we have you covered. Simply inform us of your needs and we will provide the products you require.

Hardware & Software Installation

Our hardware and software installation service will install the components or applications required to increase your productivity. We can also install the components or software to return your equipment back to its proper operating condition.

High-Speed Internet Connectivity

Ensuring a reliable and secure Internet connection is the foundation for any business, home or organization communicating with the world electronically. For a connection to be dependable and secure the service must be provided by a reliable provider and installed with the priority of keeping your environment and information safe. Our Internet connectivity service will connect you to reliable Internet service providers offering you the best possible bandwidth while we install the service to give you the freedom and peace of mind that your environment is secure.

IT Consulting & Staffing

Does your office require professional technical assistance to determine the best applications, computers and data sharing tools? Our IT consulting and staffing service offers everything that you would receive from your own internal IT department. We can advise you to make the correct decisions and investments in your office to deliver the results you seek. We also offer IT staffing solutions to provide your company with its own dedicated IT specialists to deliver technical support to your office.

IT Support Maintenance Plans

Maintaining a secure network environment is critical to all businesses and organizations. With an IT support maintenance plan we will take over this responsibility for you. We will monitor, protect and update the equipment and software in your network to ensure your environment is always functioning and shielded with the latest updates.

Network Cable Installation

A reliable connection requires a reliable cable infrastructure for all devices to communicate. GALINNO can install the Ethernet cable necessary to enable your environment to have computer workstations, cameras and multimedia devices in the locations of your choice. Using high bandwidth cable we can deliver the reliable connections necessary to support your needs.

Network Architecture & Administration

Our network management solutions remove the complexity of developing and managing your company’s network. GALINNO can design, deploy, and manage your network to ensure that your staff has access to the resources within your organization promptly and securely. Whether your network has three users or 40, we can design a network to help your team function effectively.

Network Security Integration & Threat Mitigation

Internet security has easily become the primary concern for any business, home or organization that is connected to the Internet. Our security integration service offers you the peace of mind by ensuring that your information remains private and your connection to the Internet is secure. Our threat mitigation service will identify potential faults in the security of your environment and implement solutions to prevent these faults from being exploited.

On-Site & Remote Technical Support

Do you sometimes wish that there was someone that you could call to assist you with a problem or explain how to utilize an application? Our On-Site & Remote technical support service is designed to assist users with problems such as these. Simply call us and describe your needs and we will provide the service which will bring you the quickest solution.

Project Management

Do you currently have multiple projects pending requiring more time than you have available? Our project management service will manage your company’s project from start to completion. Adhering to deadlines and standards, we can make certain that your project is completed to your satisfaction and on-time.

Purchase Advising

Need assistance or advice determining which equipment is best to meet your needs? Our purchase advising service removes the complexity out of purchasing new computers and other electronic equipment. Simply tell us your requirements and we will recommend the best products to suit your needs.

Server & Computer Workstation Sales

Need help determining which server or computer workstations to purchase for your office? We offer a wide variety of customized Server and computer workstations to suit the needs of any office environment. Our fast ordering and delivery ensures that your computers arrive promptly.

Virus/Malware Removal & Internet Security Installation

Stopping virus and malware infections from spreading is just as important as preventing infections. We can remove malware and viruses, and install anti-virus software to keep your computer protected against malicious threats and performing efficiently. Even if your computer is already infected we can safely remove the infection and save your data.